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reversible concrete mixer in Finland
We are the leading exporters of reversible concrete mixer in Finland. We supply to major cities in Finland. The reversible concrete mixer is designed to sturdy construction. The reversible drum mixer is the result of well engineered work for construction; it helps to carry mixing mortar from the place where it is to be poured. It gives worker enough time to mix the composition before the concrete hardens.

The Reversible concrete mixer has become most reliable for quality output and maintenance free operation. It is the most widely used tool for road construction. It is typical reversible type concrete mixer in which concreting is done using a revolt drum.

Reversible concrete mixer from Aaspa equipments is one of the well known construction equipment supplier. The construction equipment manufactured by Aaspa equipment are specialized in mixing the concrete of cement, sand and other aggregates and carry the same from the batching plant to the area where it has to be poured.

This type of general equipment are widely used in constructions of canals, bridges, buildings, dams and highways and are a mandate part of the mobile batching plant.
The Reversible concrete mixer by Aaspa equipment is a cost saving construction equipment in numerous ways. The operational system present produce very less noise, the Machines we supply produce less maintenance, it is easily portable due to compact design of the machine, and it does not create any dust and works in an eco-friendly way, it provide smooth mixing.

The concrete mixers we supply are cost effective in many ways, as it is manufactured with highly grade raw materials, it is a time saving machine, and machine has undergone several quality tests. All these reasons contribute to be a largest supplier of reversible concrete mixer in Finland. Because of the great confidence of our clients we are to supply in major cities in Finland which are:

Helsinki Lahti Lappeenranta Kouvola
Tampere Kuopio Rovaniemi Hyvinkaa
Turku Pori Seinajoki Porvoo
Oulu Joensuu Hameenlinna Mikelli
Jyvaskyla Vaasa Kotka Kokkola