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Concrete Mixing Plant Supplier, Exporter in Canada
We are well famed as the biggest suppliers and exporters of well equipped concrete paving equipment in Greece. We have stretched our wide infrastructure throughout the major cities of Greece. We are on top in supplying the best quality paving equipments; our clients have total faith in our delivered goods we supply best quality equipments of concrete paving at reasonable prices.

Our engineers have made the product with well furnished technology with the upcoming trendy needs so that our clients do not have to comprise for best quality product. The products we provide are of better quality and are gone through very testing procedures. We always prioritize timely deliveries depending upon the time frame allotted. Consumer satisfaction is our first preference concrete pavers are widely used.

concrete paving equipments are of various types of construction equipments that are widely used as large freeways are often paved with concrete and this is done by slip form paver, trucks usually dump loads of ready-mix concrete in heaps of along in front of this machines and the slip form pavers spread out the concrete and levels it off using a screed.

Various types of concrete paving equipments are Form-riding paving machines, curb-and-gutter machines, and slip form machines. For concrete paving roadways mainline slip form paver is the widely used, machines which extrude a clean paved surface without the use of forms. Various Curb-and-gutter machines are machines that can use variously shaped molds to place other than flat surfaces, such as curbs, roadway median barriers, and bridge parapets.

We are top suppliers of every type of concrete paving equipments used in concrete paving or road construction, we supply huge range of concrete paving equipments relying on consumer what it prefers we have made every single possible changes depending upon consumer requirements.

We assure money back guarantee for the quality and authenticity of our products. We provide eco friendly equipments that do not cause any harm to the environment.

Major cities we export
Athens Heraklion
Thessaloniki Peristeri
Patras Kallithea
Piraeus Acharnes
Larissa Kalamaria
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