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We are the well known dealers, exporters and suppliers of Asphalt Road Paver Machine in Tunisia. We are expert in supplying best quality of paver machines in Tunisia. Asphalt road paving equipments are used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges and parking lots and other construction places. It lay down the asphalt mix flat on the road and provides minor compaction before it gets compacted with the roller. A dump truck adds the asphalt into the paver’s hopper. Then it is the role of conveyor to carry the asphalt from the hopper to the auger. The auger then places the stockpile of material in front of the screed. The screed then carries the stockpile of material and spreads it over the width of the road and provides initial compaction. A smooth uniform surface should be provided by the paver behind the screed. A free floating screed is used In order to provide a smooth surface. To reduce the base topology effect on the final surface it is towed at the end of a long arm. By a number of factors including the attack angle of the screed, weight and vibration of the screed, the material head and the towing force the height of the screed is controlled. Using material transfer unit in combination with pavers for constant speed and material supply. For constant material feed a material transfer unit is allowed, providing a better end surface. To make contact with the paver or cause it to change speed and affect the screed height the dump truck is used to fill the hopper of the paver.

The machines we provide consists the idea to not only save fuel, but also to save wear on the hydraulic components. Our products ensure a longer life cycle on the machine and that would, as well, reduce the cost of ownership, keep the total cost of ownership down. The machines we supply comprise of better quality engines. The Quieter engine options available in our machines are helping reduction of noise around the machinery for a much more comfortable, safer work zone.

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