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  • AASPA AKM-60 Extrusion Type Kerb Paver Machine works on the extrusion principle, in which concrete is fed into the hopper and forced through a mould to form therequiredshape.
  • AKM – 60 KERB PAVER that can extrude is excess of 550 lin. mts. of kerbing per day at a sensible capital cost and withasmall crew of semi-skilled labour.
  • AKM-60 is designed for laying up to 550 mm height and 700 mmwidth.
  • The machine does not employ vibration, but achieves compaction by a ramming mechanism which forces the concrete into the specially designed mould attached to theprimaryunit.
  • The machine has no powered wheels – forward propulsion results from the opposite reaction to the rammingaction.
  • Quick – change mould design.
  • Automatic sensor for steering and height controls that follow reference line


  • The flexibility mounted 16 hp petrol engine / 10 hp diesel engine drives the ruggedly designed ram operating mechanism and hydraulic pump.
  • All top side covers are removable for ease of service.
  • A small crew can successfully operate SKM-60.
  • Production depends on crew size and outputs of up to 1000 lin. Mts. Per day have beenachieved.
  • AKM-60 is at multiple project sites with a variety of kerbing applications, supported by the team of experts fromsiddhivinayak& performingtothe full satisfaction of the customers
Engine 16 HP Petrol / 10HP Diesel engine
Steering Control Auto / Manul
Height Control Auto / Manul
Drives Main Drive – 5/8″ Pitch Duplex Chain / Hydraulics – V Belt
Compaction Method By Ramming Mechanism
Minimum Radius Of Kerb 2.4 mtr
Laying Speed 60 to 70 mtr / hour
Slump Range Zero Slump
Details Of Vibrator Nil
Fuel Consumption Petrol Engine :- 3.5 ltrs/hour & Diesel Engine :- 1.5 ltrs/hour
Accuracy 3 To 5 mm
Length ( Without Mould ) 1945 mm
Length ( With Mould ) 2710 mm
Height 930mm
Width 1155 mm
Weight With Mould 915 kgs
Material Feeding ( Concrete ) By Transit Mixer or a Flat Bed Trusk ( Tractor Trolley )
Charge Hopper Capacity 0.21 m3
Moulds M. S. Moulds to Customer Specification
Accessories String line assembly , Finishing Tools

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