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Fix Foam Concrete Road / Canal paver finisher

Fixed Form Paving Manufacturer

Optional Accessories

  • Longitudinal & transverse groove cutter
  • Longitudinal & transverse pvc water stop inserter attachment
  • Transport assembly
  • Slope wedges
  • fabricated rail
      Model Fixed Foam Concrete Road/Canal Paver Finisher
      Prime Mover
      Drive End Panel 5 HP Geared Motor
      Vibratory Cylinder 5 HP Geared Motor
      Bogie Rh & LH 1 HP + 1 HP Geared Motor
      Vibartory Motor 1 HP Electric  Motor
      Traction System
      Traction Drive Two Electrically Driven double flanged bogie wheel
      Traction Speed 0-22 rpm
      Vibratory Cylinder under Carriage
      Finished Cylinder 270 mm dia
      Extra Long Screw Augur with hardned fights
      Finishing tolerance +-3 mm in 12 ft
      Machine Control
      Finishing tolerance +-3 mm in 12 ft
      Adjustable carriage Movement with Variable Speed Drive
      Shock Protection
      Overload Protection
      Frame : All Wended pin connected main frame.
      Finishing Width : Finishing Width normally 3 ft. Less Then frame width and adjustable from 1 mtr to 32 mtr.

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