AASPA is a single source supplier of turnkey concrete batching and mixing plant solutions. With decades of experience and numerous installations of various capacities, we provide you with everything needed to run the very heart of your business to produce the highest quality product possible. We specialize in projects where consistent, superior quality concrete is required as well as on site concrete plants for the construction of large civil projects such as roads. bridges. ports. dames, runways, buildings, tunnels etc. AASPA solution are designed to provide maximum flexibility by giving your plant the ideal combination of engineered and proven components.

We back our projects and solutions with extensive support, from comprehensive training of your operator staff once installation is complete. to ongoing maintenance support and advice. By combining our highly engineered skills, reliable control technology and a commitment to turnkey solutions we can get your project running with less hassle and in less time.

Twin Shaft Mixer

The Twin-shaft Mixer offers among the most advanced mixing solution, capable of handling from high to zero slump concrete. The twin shaft system mixing consisting two horizontal shafts with arms and paddles moving in counter current; Counter rotating mixing arms and paddle creates a spiral shaped vertical and horizontal mix direction, which has ensures to make three dimensional mixing. The twin shaft mixer is the best to make any king of concrete. The discharge is accomplished by a hydraulic operated gate, which Is assembled throughout the length of the mixer vat for fast and complete discharge.
Twin Shaft Mixer Exporter in Zimbabwe

Plantary Mixer

This mixer Produce quality concrete with high homogeneity in a very short time. The whole mixer is powered and controlled with a hard surface gear box so, it provides a stable driving. This may cause the planetary mixer one of the best machines to blend concrete out there. This mixer has an extremely high efficiency, attributed through the mixing arms that move on a sophisticated track. The gear box ideally controls these arms. These unique structures offer more efficiency than other machines with regards to concrete mixing. The mixing blades from the planetary mixer comprise of various categories of mixing arms and so ensures great performance. These arms cover the whole mixing area. And also this guarantees complete and proper mixing process. The structure from the planetary mixer is uniquely designed. and also this reduced the necessity for maintenance while increasing performance capability. This mixer ideally presents various discharging styles including doors that may be run hydraulically, manually and pneumatically.
Plantary Mixer Exporter in South Sudan
Aggregate, Waiting Hopper, Water, Cement & Additive Weigher Exporter in Qatar

Aggregate, Waiting Hopper, Water, Cement & Additive Weigher

Water and cement hopper mounted on independent modular frame structure and weightment can be done by individual electronic load cells.
Automatic Greasing System Exporter in Tunisa

Automatic Greasing System

Mixer consisting automatic greasing system for shaft lubrication to ensure smooth operations.
Aggregate Storage Bin Exporter in Canada

Aggregate Storage Bin

The aggregate storage bins made from mild steel sheet. The installation of aggregate storage bins very user friendly, as the construction process and the extension of the pre-assembly reduce the installation time of the plant at site. The aggregate storage bins are broaden to facilitate the loading process by loader.The discharge window of aggregate bins opened through pneumatic cylinders.

Control Panel

  • The system combines the power of a PLC and dedicated Weighing Modules to provide reliable and accurate control.
  • The system can handle up to 4 scales or more; with up to 5 Aggregates, up to 4 Cements. Water & up to 2 Admixtures, being accurately Batched on ‘weight’ basis.
  • The system is capable of handling multi-scale, multi-ingredient Batching & Mixing operation. With All necessary Interlocking, Timing, Alarm generation, Event-logging. Recipe & Report generation facility.
  • Software calibration for all scales with password protection.
  • The system has Touch Screen display with 3 Serial communication ports & 2 USB port.
  • High speed sampling ensures batch to batch accuracy.
  • All necessary Interlocks are programmed within the system to allow parallel batching and Mixing Operations.
  • Variety of features Incorporated In the system ensures easy and fault free plant operation.
  • The Manual Desk is equipped with Push buttons, indications and change over switches. Each device in the plant can be operated manually completely by- passing the AUTO system.
Control Panel Manufacturer in Tamil Nadu
Elevating Conveyor Exporter in Burundi

Elevating Conveyor

“V” shape embossed rubber belt conveyor with an integrated platform and ralling to easy maintenace and cleaning conveyor transmitted via direct drive of geared motor.
Weighing Conveyor Exporter from Bihar

Weighing Conveyor

The conveyor belt and partitioned weighing hopper are suspended on 6 nos. of electronic load cells for accurate weighing. Weighing conveyor is driven via direct drive of powerful gear motor and having subsequent support of idler roller.

ModelAST 20 AST 30AST 45AST 60AST 75AST 90AST 120
Output Capacity20m3/hr.30m3/hr.45m3/hr.60m3/hr.75m3/hr.90m3/hr.120m3/hr.
Mixer UnitTurbo Pan type mixer/ twin shaft mixer   
Mixing and Discharge of concreteImported Planetary reduction gear box
Main mixer drive20 HP30 HP40 HP60HP60HP50HPX2 NOS75HPX2 NOS
Material Storage Unit2X2 Cross BinIn line four bin feeder
Material Storage Capacity20m330m345m360m360m390m3100m3
Material weighing system  Digital load cell based weighing of the material in each bin
Batch Feeding SystemThrough inclined belt conveyor/inclined skip bucket
Cement Feeding SystemThrough screw conveyor
Water Weighing SystemDigital load cell based weighing of Water in tank
Ad Mixture dozing SystemDigital load cell based auto admixture dozing system
Control PanelFully automatic PLC Based system
Control Cabin Provided
Concrete Discharge Height From GI4.0 level from ground
Total Connected Power52HP74HP87HP120HP145HP200HP275HP
Suggested DG Set62KVA82KVA125KVA160KVA200KVA300KVA400KVA

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Available in 45 to 240 m3/hr. capacity

  • Four Bin Hopper
  • Weighing Conveyor
  • Elevating Conveyor
  • Single / Twin Shaft Mixer / Pan
  • Aggregate Waiting Hopper
  • Cement Hopper
  • Water Hopper
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Cement Fly Ash Storage Silo
Salient Features
  • Required installation time is very less, due to Modular design.
  • Fully Automatic-Electronic operation with PLC/PC Control.
  • Reliable, Fast and Accurate Electronic Weighing System for major Inputs.
  • Full service, technical support and spares back-up.


  • Cement / Fly ash Storage & Conveying System from 20 to 220 MT capacity.
  • Microwave Moisture Meter.
    Computer SCADA System with Software.
  • Radial Conveyor Belt for Aggregate Feeding.

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