Asphalt Road Paver Machine Exporter in Tunisia

We are well known dealers, exporters and suppliers of road construction equipments in Tunisia. We are expert in supplying best quality paver machines to various parts of the country. Asphalt road paving plants are used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges and parking lots and other construction places. It lays the asphalt mix flat on the road and provides minor compaction before it gets compacted with the roller.

Asphalt road paving plant is made from top grade raw materials. It has greater strength and compatibility to work on heavy construction projects.

Asphalt road paving plant is easy to be transferred from one place to the other as it is has mobility features. It comes with high-tech technology measures to provide advanced features at construction sites.

The machines we provide consist of the idea to not only save fuel, but also to save wear on the hydraulic components. Our machines have a longer life cycle to ensure low maintenance cost. The machines we supply comprise of better quality engines. The asphalt road paving plant has noise free engine option to reduce noise pollution around the machinery for a much more comfortable, safer work zone. We supply Asphalt road paving plants at reasonable rates with assured user back guarantee.

Asphalt Road Paver Machine Exporter cities

Tunis Arvanah
Sfax Kaserien
Sousse kairouan Gafsa
Bizerte La goulette
Gabes Zarzis
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