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The shredders are helpful machines for the volume decrease of cumbersome waste like reams of paper, paper materials, guards, tires, coolers and the shredding of various materials, for example, scrap iron, aluminum, copper, plastic just as metropolitan strong waste and mechanical waste.

The utilization of shredders is fundamental for eco-focuses, landfills, destroying and all the associations that work in the field of waste administration and reusing. Extraordinary productivity and execution, solidness are the plan highlights of Aaspa Equipment shredders. They are demonstrated in the treatment of a strong waste and arrive in a full scope of models ready to fulfill the diverse creation prerequisites.

The low number of goes permits to arrive at high forces with exceptionally low fuel utilization. The utilization of exceptional prepares for the cutting edges ensures especially long life cycles, with significant reserve funds on extra parts. The remarkable edge permits ideal utilization of upstream arranging offices or in the treatment of MSW or R.A.E.E.

Our innovation permits you to benefit as much as possible from each handling stage to acquire homogeneous items reasonable for move and go through additional preparing: ideal for reusing assets, materials and energy.

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