Salient Features

  • AASPA AKM-100 Extrusion Type Kerb Paver Machine works on the extrusion principle, in which concrete is fed into the hopper and forced through a mould to form the required shape.
  • AKM – 100 KERB PAVER that can extrude is excess of 550 lin. mts. of kerbing per day at a sensible capital cost and with a small crew of semi-skilled labour.
  • AKM-100 is designed for laying up to 550 mm height and 700 mm width.
  • The machine does not employ vibration, but achieves compaction by a ramming mechanism which forces the concrete into the specially designed mould attached to the primary unit.
  • The machine has no powered wheels – forward propulsion results from the opposite reaction to the ramming action.
  • Quick – change mould design.
  • Automatic sensor for steering and height controls that follow reference line
  • The flexibility mounted 16 hp petrol engine / 10 hp diesel engine drives the ruggedly designed ram operating mechanism and hydraulic pump.
  • All top side covers are removable for ease of service.
  • A small crew can successfully operate AKM-100.
  • Production depends on crew size and outputs of up to 1000 lin. Mts. Per day have been achieved.
  • AKM-100 is at multiple project sites with a variety of kerbing applications, supported by the team of experts from AASPA & performing to the full satisfaction of the customers.

Technical Specification

Model AKM-100
Kerb Laying Capacity Minimum : 700 mm (W) X 550 mm (H)*
Engine 16 HP Petrol / 10 HP Diesel Engine
Steering Control Auto / Manual
Height Control Auto / Manual
Drives Main Drive- 5/8″ Pitch Duplex Chain / Hydraulics- V Belt
Compaction Method By Ramming Mechanism
Minimum Radius Of Kerb 2.4 mtr
Laying Speed 60 to 70 mtr Ihour
Slump Range Zero Slump
Details Of Vibrator Nil
Fuel Consumption Petrol Engine:- 3.5 ltrs/hour & Diesel Engine:- 1.5 ltrs/hour
Accuracy 3 To 5 mm
Length ( Without Mould ) 1945 mm
Length ( With Mould ) 2710mm
Height 930mm
Width 1155 mm
Weight With Mould 915 kgs
Material Feeding ( Concrete ) By Transit Mixer or a Flat Bed Trusk ( Tractor Trolley)
Charge Hopper Capacity 0.21 m3
Moulds M. S. Moulds to Customer Specification
Accessories String line assembly, Finishing Tools
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