AASPA 100 tones capacity cement silo AS-100 has a wide range of usage area from concrete plants to block machines and also ground study applications. AS-100 can be manufactured as bolted or welded type. 2 sets of bolted version of AS-100 can be shipped within 1 pcs 40 ft OT container or a truck.

AASPA AS-100 cement silo is equipped with maintenance platform between the legs, cement filling pipe, inner and outer manholes, safety guards, roof flanges for air filter and pressure safety valve, a roof gate for inner manhole and also a cone flange for butter fly valve.

AASPA AS-100 cement silo is supplied together with all necessary silo equipment such as cement screw conveyor with the desired diameter & length, air filter, pressure safety valve, top & bottom level indicators, air fluidization nozzles, pulse valve and cone butter fly valve for manual cement discharging.

In case of manufacturing the bolted type version, parts of cement silos are manufactured by sensitive laser cutting and drilling methods. In the jobsite, parts of cement silos can be assembled easily and sensitively.

Specification :

Silo Capacity 100 TONS, 78 m3
Silo Height 18900 mn
Silo Diameter Ø 3060 mm
Quantity Of Silo Legs4
Silo Output Diameter Ø 300 mm
Number Of Components 120
Silo Weight 8000 Kg
Material Of Silo Legs 219 x 5 mm, STEEL PIPE
Supports Of Silo Leg NPL 80 mm CORNER IRON
Sheet Metals Of Silo Leg 20 mm SHEET METAL
Conical Part Support Material 100 mm STEEL C CHANNEL
Conical Part Material ST – 37 – 6 mm SHEET METAL
Silo Body Material ST – 37 – 5 mm SHEET METAL
Silo Top Cover Material ST – 37 – 4 mm SHEET METAL
Inner Manhole Is Present
Outer Man Hole Is Present
Silo Roof Includes Handrails
Maintenance Platform Is Present
Structural Analysis Is Made For The Silos And Manufacturing Process Depends On Approved Projects.
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