Brief Description

ENGINEBriggs and Stratton 16 HP VANGUARD OHV Air cooled gasoline model with 12 volt electric start.
REDUCTION BOXGreaves 40: 1 Worm reduction unit.
DRIVESMain drive – 1⁄2” ASA duplex chain. Hydraulics – Vee belt.
SENSOR SWITCHESMicro switch V3-101-D9
CONTROL SWITCHESAutomatic:- Micro switch 11TS-15-1 Manual:- Micro switch 12TS-122-7
RAM MECHANISMFabricated Ram. Cast swing components. Hi-tensile shafting.
RADIUSFabricated main frame with removable side and top covers for ease of servicing.
MOULDSBolt on moulds to customer specification include finishing tools and joint cutter.
PARTS AVAILABILITYMajor components have been selected to ensure world wide parts availability from local sources.
770 Kerb Paver Machine Manufacturers in Qatar

AASPA reserves the right to alter it’s specification at any time without notice. AASPA CURBING MACHINES ARE DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN GUJARAT.

AASPA-770 the KERB Maker that can extrude in excess of 500 lin. Mts. Of kerbing per day at a sensible capital cost and with a small crew of semi-skilled labour. All formwork is eliminated and no running rails are required. Handles tight curves down to 15 ft. (4.6m) radius and as close as 4 inches (100mm) to obstacles.

770 Kerb Paver Machine Manufacturers in France
KERB PAVER MACHINE Exporter in Tunisa

How it works
The machine does not employ vibration, but achieves compaction by a ramming mechanism which forces the concrete into the specially designed mould attached to the Primary Unit. The machine has no powered wheels – forward propulsion results from the opposite reaction to the ramming action.

Easily Transported
AASPA-770 is easily transported on a 10’ x16’ Tandem Trailer towed by a pick-up truck. Or the machine can be lifted by a 11⁄2 ton hydraulic JIB crane mounted on a small truck. On site transport is provided for by retractable/removable rear wheels.

Reduce Preparation Costs
Base preparation can be easily carried out by conventional grading equipment. Grade tolerance of + 15mm (1⁄2”) is ideal. Auto grading equipment is not required.

Superior Finish
By the simultaneous application of a thin layer of grout onto the formed concrete, a finish unequalled by any other method is obtained with AASPA-770.

770 KERB PAVER MACHINE Exporter in Bolivia
Kerb Paver Machine Exporter in Greece

Hand Finishing
Is usually limited to a single pass of specially shaped tools which are provided with each mould.  A special joint cutter is supplied with each mould shape. Joints are formed by hammering cutter through fresh concrete followed by minimum touching up.

Automatic Sensors
Proven over 30 years in feild use in 48 countries. The entire system can be owner serviced using readily available, inexpensive replacement parts.

Control Panel
The hinged lock-up panel contains controls for automatic operation. Manual over-ride switches are also provided for each function for use when moving AASPA-770 on job site and for loading onto transport.

Power Train
The flexibility mounted 16 H.P. air cooled engine drives the ruggedly designed ram operating mechanism and hydraulic pump. All top and side covers are removable for ease of service. All componentry has been selected to ensure world-wide parts availability.

Small Crew
A 3 man crew can successfully operate AASPA-770. Production depends on crew size and outputs of up to 1000 lin. mts. per day have been achieved. Projects with many driveways or drains may need up to a five man crew.

low cost, quality products, high performance.

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