Compact Concrete Batching Plant

AASPA is the single source supplier of turnkey Concrete Botching and Mixing plant solutions. With decades of experience in the industry. we have numerous installations of various capacities to our credit. We are renowned for offering you with everything that is needed to run the very heart of your business. In order to produce the highest quality concrete required as well as on site concrete plants for the construction of large civil projects such as roads. bridges. ports. dams. runaways, buildings, tunnels. etc.. AASPA solutions are designed to confer maximum flexibility by giving your plant the ideal combination of engineered and proven components.

AASPA introduces ACP Model. especially designed for the production of concrete at sites where the quality, flexibility and performance are key features to consider.

The flexibility of this plant begins in the different arrangements available. Four types of mixer models can be selected with a broad range of models: Single Shaft Mixer, Twin Shaft Mixer, PAN type Mixer and Planetary Mixer.

The main advantage of this plant is that it doesn’t require large foundations and others civil constructions. The time and money can be saved by easy transportation, assemble and disassemble when plant is shifting from one site to another site.

The constitution of the plant is made in welded construction of steel profiles. The complete structure is shot blasted before the primary coat of paint being implemented. There are two coats of paint applied. Including elements like stairs, balconies, pavements, discharge mouths of the aggregates bins to resist to the attacks of the weather situations.

It’s easy to disassemble, transport and assemble again. In one week we assemble your plant in a new site producing concrete, saving you time and money.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Pan Type Mixer

The Mixer is mainly responsible for good quality concrete, on this way we construct our own energetic mixer. In this mixer all the ingredients are mixed and removed in circles, obtaining a homogeneous mixer. It moves and revolves with the arms, absorbing the shocks that are produced through the coupling spring incorporated that regulate the position and slope angle of the paddles, to obtain the work with minimal power consumption. Mixer having replaceable hard liner tiles on shall and bottom. Mixer’s top cover can be folded for cleaning of mixer.
Pan Type Mixer Exporter in Micronesia

Twin Shaft Mixer

The Twin-shaft Mixer offers among the most advanced mixing solution, capable of handling from high to zero slump concrete. The twin shaft system mixing consisting two horizontal shafts with arms and paddles moving in counter current; Counter rotating mixing arms and paddle creates a spiral shaped vertical and horizontal mix direction, which has ensures to make three dimensional mixing. The twin shaft mixer is the best to make any king of concrete. The discharge is accomplished by a hydraulic operated gate, which Is assembled throughout the length of the mixer vat for fast and complete discharge.
Twin Shaft Mixer Exporter in Zimbabwe

Aggregate Weighing Conveyor

Aggregate weighing conveyor has chevron type belt and It Is suspended on 4 nos. load cell for accurate weighing system. Weighing conveyor is driven by two gear motors which are directly mounted on both end of drive drum with inbuilt hold back facility. Weighing hopper is made from mild steel suitable to heavy working conditions for long time with mechanical separators.
Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Aggregate, Cement, Water & Additive Weigher

Aggregate weighing conveyor has chevron type belt and It Is suspended on 4 nos. load cell for accurate weighing system. Weighing conveyor is driven by two gear motors which are directly mounted on both end of drive drum with inbuilt hold back facility. Weighing hopper is made from mild steel suitable to heavy working conditions for long time with mechanical separators.
Compact Concrete Batching Plant Exporter in Canada

Aggregate Storage Bin

The aggregate storage bins made from mild steel sheet. The aggregate bins have in cross layout. The installation of aggregate storage bins is very user friendly as the construction process and the extension of the pre­ assembly reduce the installation time of the plant at site. The aggregate storage bins are broadened to facilitate the loading process by loader. The discharge window of aggregate bins opened through pneumatic cylinders.

Control Panel

  • The system combines the power of a PLC and dedicated Weighing Modules to provide reliable and accurate control.
  • The system can handle up to 4 scales or more; with up to 5 Aggregates, up to 4 Cements. Water & up to 2 Admixtures, being accurately Batched on ‘weight’ basis.
  • The system is capable of handling multi-scale, multi-ingredient Batching & Mixing operation. With All necessary Interlocking, Timing, Alarm generation, Event-logging. Recipe & Report generation facility.
  • Software calibration for all scales with password protection.
  • The system has Touch Screen display with 3 Serial communication ports & 2 USB port.
  • High speed sampling ensures batch to batch accuracy.
  • All necessary Interlocks are programmed within the system to allow parallel batching and Mixing Operations.
  • Variety of features Incorporated In the system ensures easy and fault free plant operation.
  • The Manual Desk is equipped with Push buttons, indications and change over switches. Each device in the plant can be operated manually completely by- passing the AUTO system.
Compact Concrete Batching Plant Exporter in Canada

Rotary Chute Conveyor

The rotary chute conveyor has Chevron belt with MS angle heavy duty frame structure. The conveyor has elevated wire rope with integrated plant form rolling for easy maintenance. The conveyor Is driven by shaft mounted gear reducer with inbuilt hold back facility. The fabricated hopper of S mm MS Plate is being supplied with vibrator.
Rotary Chute Conveyor Manufacturer in Vadodara, India
Model ACP 20 ACP 25 ACP 30 ACP 45 ACP 60
Output Capacity 20m3/hr. 25m3/hr. 30 m3/hr. 45 m3/hr. 60 m3/hr
Plant Assembly Whole assembly on single chassis
Mixer type Turbo pan type mixer/twin shaft mixer
Main reduction gear imported planetary gear box
Main mixer drive 20HP 25HP 30HP 40 HP 50HP
Material storage system 2×2 cross bin feeder
Nterial Storage capacity 14m3 14m3 20m3 25m3 30 m3
Material weighing system Digital load cell based weighing system
Material feeding system through incline belt conveyor
Cement feeding system through incline screw conveyor
Water weighing system Digital load cell based weighing of water in separate tank
Admixture dozing system Digital load cell based auto admixture dozing system
control panel fully automatic PLC based control panel
Control cabin Provided
concrete discharge height 4.2 meter from ground level
total connected power 48HP 53HP 63HP 77HP 98HP
Suggested DG Set 62 KVA 62 KVA 82 KVA 100 KVA 125 KVA

ACP Concrete Batching Plant Available in 20 to 60 m3/hr. Capacity

  • Bin hopper
  • Weighing Conveyor
  • Twin Shaft / Single Shaft / Pan Mixer / Planetary Mixer
  • Cement Hopper
  • Water Hopper
  • Operator Cabin
  • Rotary Chute Conveyor Belt
  • Skid
  • Computer SCADA system and software
  • Cement storage silos
  • Fly ash feeding system and storage silos
  • Material feeding conveyor
  • Fabricated skid
Salient Features
  • Compact and economically designed.
  • Heavy duty Structure.
  • Longer life of wear & tear parts.
  • In-built control cabin not as an optional.
  • Especially quick erection & commissioning.
  • lnbuilt pipeline of water, additive and pneumatic.
  • Tilting type control cabin for easy transportation.
  • One operator can run the plant.
  • Single Shaft and Planetary Mixer available on request.
Compact Concrete Batching Plant

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